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Home for Sale imageAre you facing foreclosure? Do you have an auction date? specializes in foreclosure sales.

Foreclosure, of course, is never anyone’s plan. Typically, something happens that affects the family’s obligation to pay their mortgage.

Examples of what can affect your ability to make an on-time payment could be:

Green ArrowAccident

Green ArrowIllness

Green ArrowLoss of Job

Green ArrowChange in Income

Green ArrowDivorce

Green ArrowDeath in the Family

Green ArrowFire or Flood Damage

Green ArrowRelocation


Your priority becomes putting food on the table and dealing with what seems to be problems that may be getting worse instead of better. As you begin to avoid the ringing telephone and pile of mail, you also try to avoid the foreclosure. The next thing you know, you’re faced with the prospect of losing your home. Even if you have an auction sale date quickly approaching, give us a call.

This situation may not be yours, but many sellers facing foreclosure share the same circumstances. Avoiding a problem does not make it go away. How can you turn yourself around and help your family?

Maybe it’s time to consider selling your home and taking any equity you may have accumulated.

Fresh Start SignThis fresh start will help you:

Green Check MarkGet out from under the burden of payments you can’t afford to make right now

Green Check MarkGet the chance to salvage your credit and begin rebuilding it

Green Check MarkMove to a new home where you are free to begin again

Green Check MarkRelieve your family from facing the inevitable foreclosure and eviction that follows

By selling now, you can avoid foreclosure. Your neighbors and friends will never have to know the “behind-the-scenes” story. We are discreet, we keep all information confidential, and we treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve, regardless of your circumstances.

You will be relieved and pleased when you work with us. Our goal is to take the burden from your shoulders and give you peace of mind and direction; instead of worry, uncertainty, or fear.

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For more information on foreclosure law, click here. For more information on bankruptcy law, click here.

We are not attorneys or accountants, nor rendering any legal or tax advice. This page is designed to educate homeowners about their various options when they fall behind in payments and find themselves in foreclosure.

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