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How does your home buying service work?

You tell us your needs and your time frame; our goal is to meet both. We charge no fees and no commissions.

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When do I receive the cash for my home?

You will receive all of your cash at closing, either by check or wired to your account – it’s your choice. When there is more than one person receiving funds, the proceeds can be cut individually, as long as all parties agree. At closing, it is standard for the property being sold to be vacant and unoccupied, unless, of course, it is being sold as a rental property.

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When do I have to move out?

It is advisable that you move out as soon as possible after agreeing to terms, but in no event later than the morning of the closing.

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What happens at the closing?

Everyone on the deed or title to the property being sold must sign documents. This can be done at the closing office in person or through the mail. The sellers must have valid identification to prove they are the actual sellers to the closing agent. The sellers must provide the keys to the property, including the mailbox key. The closing will only take about 30 minutes and you can receive all of your proceeds once all parties to the transaction have signed all closing documents.

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What are some of the possible differences between’s services and those of a real estate brokerage?

Selling to Us

No transaction fee
No commission
No appraisal
No financing contingency
Your time frame


Selling Through a Broker

Transaction fee due
Commission due
Sale contingent on appraisal
Sale contingent on financing
Your buyer’s time frame

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What is an appraisal?

A professional appraiser’s opinion of the as-is value of your home. Our purchase is not based on an appraisal.

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What does contingency mean?

A condition that must be met.

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How does make their money?

Our goal is to renovate and sell the property. In order to do that we must buy your property at a price that allows us to purchase it, pay closing costs, carrying costs, utilities, renovation costs, cost of money, and closing costs to sell, as well as selling commission and profit. In other words, we cannot pay retail prices but we can pay a fair price based on your property’s condition and any outstanding issues we need to resolve.

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